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Back to School DIY Hacks

As school comes back into session, it is time to repurchase school supplies. These supplies can range from pencils, pens, notebooks and etc. Stores restock these items in generic designs to designs that are a bit more complex and expensive. But instead of spending extra money on those personalized supplies, here’s a few hacks for you to make them at home.

Post Its in one Place

Post-it note pads are great, until you lose track of them. To create your own post-it booklet you are going to need a hard cover spiral planner, a glue gun and post-it notes ranging in different colors and sizes. First you are going to remove the paper from inside the cover, then start to layout the different post-it pads. Once you are finished, begin to glue the post-it pads to the inside of the cover.

Two in one Highlighters

For this hack you are going to need two highlighters, a darker one and a lighter one. Take the tip of the darker highlighter and place it on the tip of the lighter highlighter, give it a few seconds for the color to transfer over. Then remove the darker highlighter and there you have it. You can also try this with three different colored highlighters to make a rainbow.

New Notebook Designs

There are plenty of options for you to add a new style to your current notebook. A simple design can come from you adding different colored washi tape to the front in order to make diamonds or squares on the cover. To add some additional cover, you can take one of your highlighters and go over the notebook pages on the outside.

You don’t need to spend a ton of money in order to transform your school supplies into something more like you.

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