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"I don't have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness- it's right in front of me if i'm paying attention and practicing gratitude." - Brene Brown

You're probably wondering why we are writing a blog on gratitude and fear. We are just a crafty business, right? But trust me, it all goes hand in hand. When I have talked to people, or even when I look at my internal dialogue, the thing that keeps us from creating and sharing what we create is fear. Plain and simple. What if its not good enough? What if nobody likes it? Or what if someone actually says something hurtful about it? Better not risk it right?


I want you to risk it. And the same goes for all the other aspects of your life. Maybe you're embarrassed to admit you want to travel the world because currently you are in no position to, or that you want that job but it seems so far out of reach.

Do you have a vision board? Do you know where you want to go? What you want to do? Try adding something visible on your board that you are grateful for. Because guess what! Fear and gratitude cannot exist in the same space. If you don't believe me, next time your are nervous or afraid start making a list in your head of all your blessing, all the little things and the tiny moments that you are grateful for. That fear escapes real quick because it hates a grateful heart.

Don't let fear stop you from creating, and sharing, and doing. Decide what you want. And go for it, with gratitude. You will be unstoppable!

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