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Cleaning out my storage shed the other day I found a box labeled Candace’s Memories. Inside there were more things then I cared to go through, but the few things I did find and wanted to keep were all my writings.

Ever since I was a little girl I have kept a journal, written poems, wrote letters, basically anything I would think I would write down. They are hilarious to read now, so young, I was such a different person. Something I think we can all relate to (bless my 11 year old heart for caring who sat by who at lunchtime).

There is a timeline on those pages of my life, that is up until college. Even in college though I wrote a blog, I had a blog after my son, and I filled out sooo may baby books. Like a lot of baby books! Blogging was just becoming really popular, it was a way to connect with other people, document our life, and just get all those thoughts in my head out on paper.

Then when he turned one. Life got busy, sadly I quit writing.

There are a lot of things I could attribute to the silence. Life was happening, big scary changes, life altering experiences, and just plain getting caught up in being busy. Deep down though, one of the biggest reasons, the one thing I have never wanted to admit… I didn’t feel like I had anything to contribute.

Why should I be writing when there are thousands of other blogs written by much more talented and knowledgeable people than me? There are so many writers who have millions of people who love their work, with good reason! For some reason I decided that if not many people were going to read what I had to write, then why write? I played the comparison game and in my own head I did not win.

Its all been done, so there was nothing I could possibly contribute. End of story. Or so I thought.

You guys! I was SO wrong!

Creativity does not have a cap.

Stop. Read that again.

Creativity does NOT have a cap.

Every single person on this earth could decide they want to write, and not one thing they wrote would be the same. Each piece of writing would touch different people, and impact their lives differently. It can even be on the same exact subject but everyone would add their own personal touch to it and we would end up with many beautiful pieces of work, none of them the same as the other.

Guess what?

Here's is the good news…

The world has room for it all. Every single piece of creativity you have bottled up inside of you, there is space for it to exist.

There is room for more drawings, paintings, fiber arts, writings, songs, instrumental music, baked goods, garden, home decor, photographs, memory keeping. I don’t have all day but seriously, the list is endless.

Maybe the way you like to be creative is obvious to you if someone asked you could tell them right away. For some of us it may take longer. Close your eyes, without overthinking comb through your memories, imagine those moments that brought you pure unadulterated joy. That is where your creativity lies. That is where you can start.

When Nicole presented the idea of Creating Social to me, and we began building our little company I would have been the first one to volunteer the information that I am not a creative person, I was all about the operations.

Thankfully this year has been one of growth, of self-discovery, and a realization that I AM creative, that there is space for me too - at this imaginary creative table.

There is room for you too. Our biggest hope is to inspire you, to light a creative fire under you. Every event or workshop may not be your things. But here's another truth bomb for you. Creativity is fueled by creativity. The more you create the more you will be inspired to create. The more creative people you surround yourself with, the more creative you will become.

We can’t wait for you to join us on this journey friend! No matter if you attend an event, read our blog, or say hi over on our social media. We are SO glad you are here. Now here’s a little homework, pick one creative thing to do for yourself. Set aside 10 minutes and just dive in! Can’t wait to hear all about what you do

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