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You're Creative Just Give it a Minute

The word create is a verb defined as, “bringing something into existence.” Nowhere in the definition does it say you have to have a certain job title or skill set in order to be considered a creative individual. With that saying everyone has the ability to be creative. Can’t draw? Not good at crafting? It’s okay, your creativity still exists.

You Don’t Have to be an Artist

The ancient idea that creative people have to be artists or inventors of some kind is outdated. In today’s society we have security guards who paint skylines to sales representatives that scrapbook. Creativity isn’t a skill that you have to obtain by studying for years or mimicking a creative person that came before it you, it’s always been in you.You simply have to find what brings out that creativity.

Give it a Minute

The only reason you are saying you are not creative, is because you haven’t found that activity that taps into your inner creativity. What have you always wanted to try but, the mindset telling you you’re not creative has stopped you? Painting? Creating terrariums? Making creative blocks for the holidays? Try it, and you’ll be surprised just how creative you are.

Maya Angelou once said, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

Start creating, you have creativity you just have to give it a minute.

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